Website Updates March 2016

THISLEARNING® Website Updates - Liquid Code

Happy spring!

We've updated our website for a better experience.

Here's some our our latest changes.

  1. Updated social media icons to a more modern look and added a background to our site's toolbar (top) for clarity 

  2. Unified back-end code to use a single page template for faster episode viewing

  3. Added code to our services page to separately display our portfolio videos for easier navigation (thanks for the suggestion, Justin!) 

  4. Our quote feature has now been coded into our shopping cart – this allows you to save your information while you continue to edit or browse our site

  5. Added code to display introductory text based on our video types (example: Uma)

  6. Added "Most Popular" table to our services page 

  7. Added code to make video tags clickable 

  8. Added beta test "client directory" for visitors to easily locate our video clients 
    Client directory (beta)

Let us know if you have additional suggestions!

BTW, the Liquid coding language combined with Shopify is a great language/platform to try out if you're into small business website development. Learn more at Shopify's Liquid on-line manual here.

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