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Dad, Camera, Mission

Founded in 2011, we are an LLC based in Jersey City, NJ owned and operated by Kris Van Nest. We produce on-line media, television classes, and video services to showcase what makes learning awesome.

As a dad, I know parents are always facing choices on how to best prepare our children for the future and that kids want– need– to be excited by creative learning. Inspired by my son Blake and original work by Sir Ken Robinson, I’m currently on a mission to find what works to create inspired learning to share with other parents, families, educators, and caregivers.

I’ve spent the last 9 years actively exploring learning as a father, over 10 years around the world as a professional off-road driving instructor and precision driver, and have created and hosted several television shows on adventure learning – what I’ve found is that learning isn’t one size fits all, and it works best when it’s dynamic, fun, and empowering. 

“It’s not just making sure your kids are doing their homework, it’s also instilling a thirst for knowledge and excellence….And the community can help the parents. Listen, I love basketball. But the smartest kid in the school…should be getting as much attention as the basketball star. That’s a change that we’ve got to initiate in our community.” – How To Fix Our Schools 

Life’s Greatest Adventure

We believe learning is as much of a basic human need as food, clothing, and shelter. It’s just as relevant to our survival, and just as exciting and pervasive. We also believe it’s our life’s greatest adventure. Together, we can bring a sense of fun and excitement to learning, to do for learning what the networks have done for food and shelter – create dedicated television to promote it as exciting, accessible, practical and fun.

Do you have a learning-related story you think would be a good fit for our shows? Nominate your favorites here, or drop us a private note via our contact form.

Kris Van Nest | Found, Host, Executive Producer