2015 Principal For A Day at TECCS

2015 Principal For A Day - TECCS

Paul Silverman (SILVERMAN), Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (33rd Legislative District / Hudson County), Principal Marta Bergamini (TECCS), Vice Principal Elisha Abdelaal (TECCS), Kris Van Nest (THISLEARNING®)

Principal For A Day

The Jersey City & Hoboken Charter School Alliance invited THISLEARNING® to participate in their second annual Charter School Principal for a Day, Friday, December 11, 2015.

The Charter School Principal for a Day program promotes local business involvement in our local charter schools. Together with Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, we were paired as Principals For A Day to visit The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS), one of the charter schools in the alliance, and spend the morning alongside Principal Marta Bergamini. After a warm welcome by Principal Bergamini and her staff, we jumped right in to greet the students during their morning announcements and then tour the TECCS classrooms to learn more about their unique curriculum. Throughout the day, we learned first-hand about the challenges our schools face with goal of developing long-term, productive relationships that will support enhanced student achievement. We even caught up with our neighbor Kaivan and student friends Hunter and Davis who are all attend there!

We then joined a follow up conversation at GPs Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ­­­­­, to share our experiences with the other principals and Principals for a Day (P4Ds). The luncheon served to further develop the relationships with the schools that will be mutually rewarding and last far beyond this one day.

Our collective participation will act as an example for other business leaders to help provide for the successful future of our community. It's a highly recommended program and we encourage you to get involved when their program runs next.

Many thanks for TECCS, Principal Bergamini, and especially SILVERMAN's Paul Silverman and Brittani Bunney for their deep interest and support of learning and education in Jersey City. 

Contact Brittani Bunney at SILVERMAN for more information on how you can participate in the Principal For A Day program.

See NJ.com's article by Laura Herzog here.


2015 Principal For A Day at TECCS

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