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Kris Interviewing On Set

Kris Interviewing Students On-Set for Meaning Makers TV™

Make Meaning. Make Money.

As part of our services, we were hired by GCSEN as the show creator to develop a new educational docu-reality series – Meaning Makers TV – in conjunction with the annual GCSEN social entrepreneurship boot camp held at Wheaton College in Norton, MA.

About the show:

Build a Business to Change the World

Professor Michael "Caz" Caslin knows what it takes to turn passion for an idea into a business and make money doing it. Join him and his team to find the next up-and-coming social entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating businesses that change the world and boost their local economies. Each have the opportunity to pitch their startups for a chance to win exclusive business development packages and mentorship to bring their business to life. At stake, their own startup dreams and cash-value rewards.

On each episode, viewers watch as participants make their way through GCSEN's 2nd annual, two week long, high-intensity social entrepreneurship bootcamp held at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. From sun up to sun down, they share their personal stories and business challenges, learn from Mike and seasoned business mentors, and drive themselves towards landing a coveted place in the select GCSEN Virtual Accelerator business make-over program.

Along the way, they discover the passion, grit, and teamwork required to overcome their own challenges and build a sustainable business that makes a positive impact in their communities and around the world. – Meaning Makers TV

Our services included:

  • Lead overall development,
  • Create and pitch the show concept,
  • Develop the series treatment and taping plan,
  • Create the show logo and apparel design,
  • Build the show website, including custom code and e-commerce ability,
  • Conceptualize and integrate sales and sponsor opportunities,
  • Direct videography and photography,
  • Produce all video / photo materials of primary and behind-the-scenes content.

About the bootcamp:

The GCSEN "Meaning Makers Boot Camp" was designed to help students begin a life changing experience that can result in the launching of their social enterprise. At the successful conclusion of the boot camp, students were certified as a Level One Certified Meaning Maker by GCSEN.

Meaning Makers TV is in client development and slated to be pitched in 2017 / 2018.


Kris at Meaning Makers Boot Camp

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