Trekken Off-Road Television Series with Host Kris Van Nest - Presented by Jeep

Trekken Off-road with Kris Van Nest Presented by Jeep
Trekken Host / Executive Director Kris Van Nest on location in Moab, Utah

Travel and off-road adventure television series.

As part of his professional driving and instructional background, THISLEARNING Director/Producer Kris Van Nest previously created, pitched, produced, and hosted the national television series "Trekken" broadcast on the DiSH satellite network. Featuring trips to explore some of the most spectacular off-road locations across the United States, each show also featured custom-created off-road driving tips for both new and seasoned drivers. 

"Where on Earth can you experience the thrill of an amusement ride, trek on the pathways of some of history's greatest legends, and visit the spectacular scenery of over 30 of this country's most picturesque off-pavement destinations, all from the security and comfort of your own Jeep vehicle? If you guessed the answer is found at any one of the Jeep Jamboree USA 2002 events, you'd be right on track!

Kris Van Nest's weekly 30-minute national broadcast called "Trekken" will air 13 different Jeep Jamboree episodes. Van Nest will take viewers off the beaten path to places only Jeep vehicle owners can experience, but that anyone with a love of the outdoors can appreciate. Featuring some of the most scenic remote places in the country, the show will air three times per week – twice during prime time."

Kris is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has been a world-class off-road driving instructor for Jeep and Land Rover, as well as an on-camera precision driver for national television commercials. Designed and produced entirely in-house, Trekken was his 2nd televised series and featured sponsors ranging from Jeep to Teva.

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