We Tape Joy Mangano and Alfa Demmellash

Alfa and Joy

Alfa Demmellash / CEO & Co-founder Rising Tide Capital, Joy Mangano / Celebrity Entrepreneur & Inventor

July 11th, 2017 / WeWork Fulton Center – As part of our media services, we were hired by Rising Tide Capital (RTC) to produce a multi-camera video recording of an exclusive conversation and learning seminar on entrepreneurship between celebrity entrepreneur/inventor, Joy Mangano, and Social Entrepreneur, Alfa Demmellash. 

Ms. Mangano, the inspiration for the 2015 movie, JOY, starring Jennifer Lawrence, has invented dozens of household products that have been sold worldwide. Her first product to reach mass-market success was the Miracle Mop – a self-wringing mop design that has since been copied by many. Alfa is the CEO and co-founder of Rising Tide Capital, a non-profit organization that has equipped and resourced almost 2,000 entrepreneurs with education, community and support services over the past 14 years; almost one thousand are in business today. – Andrew Farrelly / RTC

During this unique and potentially once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity, RTC entrepreneurs and the audience were invited to ask Joy and Alfa a wide variety of questions, ranging from how to balance work / life / family while building a successful business to learning how to tell when to follow your gut instincts.

See the event #LiveStream video and full article at Entrepreneur.com –

We'll share the edited highlight video after post-production.

Special thanks Alfa, Alex, Esther Fraser, and the entire Rising Tide Capital team for the opportunity to be involved.


Alfa, Kris, and Alex

Alfa Demmellash / CEO & Co-founder Rising Tide Capital, Kris Van Nest / Host & Producer THISLEARNING®, Alex Forrester / COO & Co-founder Rising Tide Capital

Axel, Kris, Saul

THISLEARNING® Video Production Team – Axel, Kris, Saul


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