We built a boat from scrap wood

#Tinker boat w/ Blake and Mooga

My son Blake and I built this "tinker" boat using scrap wood along the shore at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ. We learned a lot about nature, balance, recycling, and having fun outdoors in the green space. 

Tinker boat w/ Blake and Mooga at Liberty State Park

After collecting a lot of the local driftwood – including the ones in water :) – we started designing our boat. It was all about experimenting and going with the flow.

Tinker boat w/ Blake at Liberty State Park

We started with the ship more like a barge, then had fun experimenting with a v-hull that made our final design in the top photo.

Check out Friends of Liberty State Park (FOLSP) for more information on the importance of greenspace for learning, recreation, and families in our communities.

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