Video Classes

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Students Plan, Direct, Produce, Record, & Star!

Students learn how to present, communicate, and express point of view on camera while building self-confidence and a sense of team achievement putting together YouTube®-style, on-line segments. Having fun as creators is fundamental in our video production classes. We teach videography – in a fun, accessible, and safe way – as students work together on screen and behind-the-scenes to produce real world videos highlighting each other and their interests. 


Our afterschool sessions are specially designed to give students the opportunity to create their own variety segments around topics they personally help choose. We start by collaboratively planning each class video – starting with small steps before moving on to progressively more challenging choices including student produced commercials, interviews, on-camera performances, and more. Then week-by-week we dive into production and learn basic video concepts including hosting on camera, lights, sound, visual storytelling, and team work as each student rotates through crew assignments to produce their own show segments. 

Our classes are customized for each student, emphasizing fun for our young students as they practice both on camera and behind the scenes, with fun + more in-depth lessons for older kids. Each student also receives a link to their full class video as well as public recognition on our website and social media. Sessions wrap up with a neighborhood screening of their their pre-recorded segment to share with family, friends, and community at our Downtown Studio at 165 Newark Ave in Jersey City. Our 1,500 square foot studio includes "4K" digital video cameras, wireless microphones, multi-aspect lighting equipment, and additional production gear.

Key Benefits

Students learn to create & co-host their own YouTube®-style segments:

  • Build Confidence
  • Gain Achievement
  • Practice Teamwork
  • Learn Technical Behind-The-Scenes Production and On-Camera Presentation Skills

What's Included

  • Weekly On-Camera and Behind The Scenes Lessons & Practice
  • Digital Portfolio & On-Line Links for Sharing Your Segment/s (see below)
  • YouTube® Safety Guidelines
  • Digital Headshot

Class Details

    • Maximum Students – 8 / 10 Per Class
    • Instructor – Kris Van Nest
    • Presented by – THISLEARNING®
    • Prerequisite – Interest in videography, having fun on camera, learning behind the scenes
    • Students do not need to have their own YouTube channel or account

      Fall Schedule

      • Duration – 90 Minute Weekly Sessions
      • Ages – 5th to 8th Grades & 9th to 12th Grades
      • Dates
        • Mondays (12 Sessions) – September 17, 2018 to December 17, 2018
        • Tuesdays (13 Sessions) – September 18, 2018 to December 18, 2018
        • Wednesdays (13 Sessions) – September 19, 2018 to December 19, 2018

      Class Videos

      We coach students through creating fun segment options and topics that match their interest so they're never left wondering, while we also encourage them to leave the door open for their creativity and imagination!

      Each session we cover a new video type as students progressively build their skills:

      1. "Host It" – Introduce yourself!
      2. "Tell It" – Share a story, joke, book / movie review, and more!
      3. "Show It" – Show an unboxing, video game review, show & tell, and more!
      4. "Teach It" – Teach a how-to, DIY, game, and more!
      5. "Challenge It" – Challenge a friend or classmate to Whats-In-The-Box, Friend Tag, Try-Not-To-Laugh, and more!
      6. "Pitch It" – Pitch a spoof commercial for an imaginary product you make up!
      7. ...and more!

      School Tie-Ins

      Here are some great ways you can tie our program into your regular school activities:

      • Make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video for your school or community using a topic you're passionate about
      • Create a video to show and tell about your in-school project to share with your class and teacher
      • Rehearse and practice your in-school public speaking, presentation, and talks on camera
      • Give a school review / review of your school or favorite class
      • Make a summer job application video or pitch
      • Build your multimedia student portfolio
      • Interview your classmate or teacher
      • Give a homework tip or how-to
      • ...and many more!


        Class sessions pro-rated for holidays. We follow the Jersey City Public School calendar here.