Film & Video Production

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An early and essential stage of any project, including commercials, music videos, short films, and feature films. This crucial step defines how efficient, organized and, ultimately, how successful the production stage will be. Our services may include casting, location scouting, permits, logistics & scheduling, and more.


We bring together the locations, equipment, cast, crew, and any other materials needed to physically produce your film. Our services may include production crew, equipment rental, catering and craft services, insurance, multi-camera, green-screen, in-studio, live event coverage, makeup and hair, props, and more.


We assemble and edit together the film until it's complete. Our services may include editing, video encoding, color and audio adjustment, voiceover recording, closed-captioning, transcoding, multi-format delivery, and more.


Our standard services are below.

Pre-production may include development, location scouting, casting, and more.

Need green screen, hair & makeup, or more? Get a free quote and we'll help determine your custom needs.

Filming & Videography

  • Pre-event consultation

  • (1) 4K full-sized camera, professional lights, and professional sound at one location

  • Original unedited footage as a digital download (physical delivery plus applicable shipping/handling/tax may be required for long-duration footage; please inquire before purchase)

(Per Finished Minute)

We only charge for the actual finished minutes of edited video you order, not for our editing time – we believe this often gives better results because you are only paying for "what you get" and the videos usually can be edited faster.
You can extend the length of any of our package or other videos by:
  • Select "Per Finished Minute" option above

  • Enter the number of additional minutes in the quantity field

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How many cameras should I book?

  • One rule of thumb is to book 1 main camera for each additional, simultaneous event, interview, activity, or angle you would like recorded. For example, you may only need 1 camera if all of your interviews and activities occur at different times, but would likely be best served by multiple cameras if you have two or more interviews or other activities that need to be recorded at the same time. You may also want to consider our GoPro-style cameras for secondary angles that do not need as high resolution or full audio.

  • For a single camera shoot, it won’t be possible to record simultaneous footage (events or activities). Depending on how your event is arranged and your participant readiness, there may be some events we miss while we’re recording. We can help lessen this if you can send us an event breakdown ahead of time and work with us to coordinate our taping rundown.

How do I book additional cameras?

  • Increase the "quantity" for each camera needed.

    What if I need something else?

    • We're glad to help! Get a free quote and we'll help determine your needs.