Newport Green Park

Outdoor Play Builds Community

We met with Mayor Healy and children from Stevens Cooperative School at the Newport Green Park dedication to touch on how the park is helping to spur community learning in downtown Jersey City.

“Did Albert Einstein become one of the smartest people in the world without learning?”  – Student, Stevens Cooperative School @ 3m59s, Newport Green Park Dedication, Jersey City NJ

“Without learning… no civilization is going anywhere.” – Mayor Healy, Jersey City NJ @ 3m55s, Newport Green Park Dedication


Newport Green encompasses 4.25 acres of land on the northern end of Newport. The new, beautifully landscaped park is complete with open lawns, garden paths, bench seating and free WiFi. The park also features an urban beach, playground, recreational field, carousel, and more. It was developed, funded, and maintained by Newport Associates Development Company (NADC).

Why It Works

  1. provides access to learning through exercise, play, and socialization
  2. strong community component
  3. incorporates multi-cultural elements

Do It!

Newport Green Park
14th St, Jersey City, NJ 07310