Newark Museum Makerspace

3D Printers Make Learning Rock


Youth everywhere love to learn by making things – #Makerspace at the @NewarkMuseum in Newark, NJ, uniquely blends science, art, and technology with Project Based Learning to empower education through creativity and innovation. Students at Makerspace learn, “if they can think it, they can make it,” expanding their education, building self-confidence, and contributing to the world in ways they never thought possible.


This trip we’re doing the hands-on approach, DIY style. At Newark Museum’s Project Based Learning room called Makerspace in Newark, NJ, do-it-yourself learning brings creativity and innovation. If your kids love the hands-on approach, and want to be involved in actually making what they’re interested in– while also feeling empowered in their learning– one place they can get that in Newark NJ is Newark Museum’s Makerspace. Makerspace is a special blend of science and art, where kids get help building their very own creations that inspire creativity and innovation in a very practical ways.

Why It Works

Makerspace “Encourages visitors to use technology and ingenuity to create a world of possibility” – Star Ledger

  • Project Based Learning (PBL) embraces and extends kids’ own interests
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method motivates participants through hands-on, learn-by-doing approach
  • Science, Technology, Arts, and Math (STEM/STEAM) integration enhances multidisciplinary learning


“The name says it all. Makerspace is a place where young people make things that are inspired by their own interests and explorations. These things are made using low-cost everyday tools and materials, enhanced through access to state-of-the art technologies. Users of the Makerspace develop innovative designs and solutions—the focus is on ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY)—if you can think it, you can make it. Put simply, users learn by ‘making.’” – Newark Museum

Newark Museum Makerspace (Newark, NJ)

Newark Museum is also a pilot site for Maker Corps who lends support and expertise in introducing maker-oriented experiences in existing educational programs across the nation. Makerbots is a manufacturer of 3D printers similar to the ones at Newark Museum’s Makerspace.

Special Thanks

Students & Jon Santiago, Instructor, #Makerspace at the @NewarkMuseum | Kim Robledo-Diga, Director for Innovation and Learning, Newark Museum | Michael Schumacher, Marketing Communications Manager, Newark Museum | Lisa Batitto, Public Relations Manager, Newark Museum