Halloween Gingerbread at Bambino Chef

Halloween Gingerbreading


Educational empowerment can happen everywhere, especially in the kitchen where families all spend time. If your kids love sugar, and you’d rather have them experience a creative alternative to actually eating it, then you’ll want to check out Halloween gingerbreading with us.

thislearning® and Bambino Chef emphasize healthy food choices, so this project helps show kids that another use for a lot of sugar is in artistic creativity and decoration instead of eats. Plus, it’s just fun to make and look at!

We’ll show you how kids can learn through the creative adventure of “gingerbread” building (aka #gingerbreading) at our studio or at your home. We’ll also have behind-the-scenes previews, tips/techniques, and ways you can take part from our community and around the world. If popular, we may be doing this or something like it as a regular, multi-seasonal series to help empower kids.

You’re welcome to stop by with your kids and family to check out the house and our show taping – we may even select volunteers from the audience to help decorate the house!

As relates, children engaged in cooking– especially with adult support and guidance – can learn a lot in the kitchen in addition to nutrition and creativity, including cultural, math, literacy, social, and family bonding skills.

From Bambino Chef’s website:

“Combining culinary adventures, learning activities and unlimited amounts of fun in one pot. Our secret ingredients are: cooking, exploring, learning, laughing and sharing. Learning how to cook with us is a great way for children to develop social and comprehensive skills, to adopt healthy habits for life, indulge their creativity…”


Gum Paste Ghosts

There are many gum paste recipes on-line, but we like the one from Connie at Just-a-Pinch since it doesn’t use hard to pronounce or find ingredients:


Gingerbread is a lot of fun to make and stable to work with; here’s a straightforward recipe you can use for your own houses and creations: