County Prep Dance


Get your dance on!

Jersey City, NJ

If your kids want a creativeway to express themselves while telling their stories through movement, one place they can do that is in the modern dance program at County Prep High School in Jersey City.

Watch our full video above to learn how modern dance empower students while Ms Warfel-Sandler, Emily, Naheema, and their class show us how it's done.

The County Prep Dance Program is based in Modern Dance with a focus on the creative process. All students perform several times throughout the year, and junior and senior majors have the opportunity to choreograph their own works for the annual concert. All students meet daily and study Modern Dance Technique, Ballet and Modern Vocabulary, and Rehearsal and Performance practices, and more. – County Prep

SPECIAL THANKS: Ms Warfel-Sandler, Emily, Naheema, & Students, County Prep High School