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For everyone:

– What do you do?

– Why do you do it?

– How did you start?

– Who do you do it for?

– What makes it unique?

– What do you love about it?

– How do you / does it make learning awesome?

– Anything else you’d like to share? 


For students: 

– What grade are you in?

– What school do you go to?

– What does learning mean to you?

– What do you love about learning?

– How do you learn best?

– How would you make learning awesome?

– What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other students?


To make it great:

  • Write in full sentences, like "I do / would make learning awesome by..."
  • Share how you're personally involved with details, often the more the better.
  • Keep it fun and conversational!
  • Need inspiration? See examples here.