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Amber's Video #2



"Hi, my name is Amber, and I am nine years old and I like to dance. I am in fourth grade. I go to Wallace Elementary School. Learning means is that when you learn something new, it doesn't mean that you have to give up on it, you can actually take it to where you can try it, but don't give up on it. What I love about learning is that you can learn new stuff... I'm in decimals, and you can learn new decimals, and you don't have to be worried about that you don't get it or not. I learn best by, sometimes I need a little brain break after, because of everything that I learned. I would make learning awesome by, sometimes if we are doing something and someone makes a joke about it, we would all laugh, and it's pretty awesome because sometimes I make jokes about fractions and decimals. A piece of advice that I would give to another student is that never give up on something that you just learned, because you'll never know in the future you might be like, "This is easy!" I am Amber, and I'm nine years old, and I like to dance." – Amber / BGC-TV



Amber's Video #1



Learning means when you get to learn new things... I love about learning is you can learn something new every day... I learn best by dancing... I would make learning awesome by sometimes if my friends aren't having a good day, I'd say get loose and dance for a little bit." – Amber / 9 Years Old


Class – Boys & Girls Club TV School (2017)

Instructor – Kris Van Nest


Goals – Youth having fun as creators is fundamental in our video production classes at the Boys and Girls Club in Hoboken, NJ.  We teach videography – in a fun, accessible way – as youth work together on screen and behind-the-scenes to produce real world videos highlighting each other and their interests. Students build on-camera confidence and gain achievement while learning valuable technical and presentation skills. All high resolution photos and videos featured are captured and produced by students themselves!


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