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Anthony's Video #1


"Am I looking like I should be on TV? You see the makeup? Hey I am Anthony and I'm a sophomore in college. I currently attend Passaic County College in Patterson. My favorite subject is English and History, but I'm majoring in Liberal Arts. I'm a visual learner, I like to see things first and then I break them down from there, more like unboxing or unpacking. Education has been key since I was young... my mom won't let me play basketball, she won't let me go to the park if I don't do my homework, or had good grades, or if I was misbehaving in school. What makes learning fun for me is my ability to relate things to other things in the world, such as books, movies, newspapers, magazines. One piece of advice I would give to students that want to go to college is have someone that's highly at the top to check your application... because any little thing can mess your whole application up, you have to pay money just like I have to. Thanks for listening, my name is Anthony, good bye." – Anthony / BGC-TV