Art House NOW! Fundraiser Campaign Video

ART HOUSE PRODUCTIONS, Jersey City's Home for the Visual and Performing Arts from Art House Productions on Vimeo.

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Project background and description

We're proud to announce our completion of the 2015 Art House NOW fundraising campaign video to help Art House Productions continue to inspire, educate and connect our region with the arts!

Project goals and objectives

The project goal was to raise awareness for the 2015 AHP capital campaign. We created the Art House Productions' Art House NOW fundraiser campaign video to capture the essence of Art House Productions across 4 years of footage and tell the story of how Art House has instrumental in inspiring the arts in our area.

Creative strategy

We directed, produced, and edited the video using footage from THISLEARNING®, Justin WooRafael Cruz, and several other Jersey City videographers.

About our client

Art House Productions is a Jersey City-based non-profit organization committed to serving the region with performing and visual arts programs that inspire, educate and connect. Their Now Campaign is focused on their immediate goal of smart, sustainable growth, to meet the needs of what is about to become the largest city in NJ. Goals include expanding their theater and gallery seasons, providing scholarships for youth in our STAGES theater company, and increasing the outreach of their citywide arts festival serving over 12,000 visitors per year.

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