Filmmaking Workshops

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Example Opening Sequence From Our Recent Student Short Film LIKE US

Plan, Direct, Produce, & Act In Your Own Short Film Scenes Or Video Segments

Learn how to collaboratively work in small teams to create film scenes and independent-style short movies from start to finish.

Our Workshops

Our fast-paced, hands-on workshops teach story telling on camera to those new to filmmaking as well as experienced students looking to learn new techniques or refresh their film production knowledge.

We teach independent-style filmmaking – in an accessible way – as students work together on screen and behind-the-scenes. Our sessions are customized for each student, emphasizing accessibility for our newer students as they practice both on camera and behind the scenes and more in-depth lessons for those who are more experienced.

1-Day Sessions

We start by collaboratively planning with small steps before moving on to progressively more challenging choices. We dive into production and learn basic production concepts including acting on camera, lights, sound, visual storytelling, auditioning, acting, directing, and producing as students work together to rotate through crew assignments and make their production.

2-Day Sessions

We build on the first day to polish your techniques, further develop the production, and expand your scene by exploring additional camera and acting perspectives. You have the opportunity for additional re-takes, adjustments to further refine your skills, and additional practice with independent filmmaking equipment.

MAKE IT Series Film Challenge

MAKE IT Film Challenge

All current class students can also have your completed work entered into our new MAKE IT Series Film Challenge – and we'll waive the entry fee as well! Trophies, medals, gift certificates and valuable prizes await! So what are you waiting for? Show us your talents to win recognition and awesome prizes.

Key Benefits

Students Learn:

  • Story Creation
  • Scripting
  • Auditioning
  • Acting On Film / On Camera
  • Rehearsing
  • Producing (Lights, Camera, Sound)
  • Directing

Benefits Include:

  • Build Confidence
  • Gain Achievement
  • Practice Teamwork
  • Learn Technical Behind-The-Scenes Production and On-Camera Presentation Skills

What's Included

Each student receives a link to their class work as well as optional public recognition on our website and social media. Students may also be invited to showcase their work at an optional neighborhood screening at our Downtown Studio at 165 Newark Ave in Jersey City. Our 1,500 square foot studio includes "4K" digital video cameras, wireless microphones, multi-aspect lighting equipment, and additional production gear.

  • On-Camera and Behind The Scenes Lessons & Practice
  • Digital Portfolio & On-Line Links for Sharing Class Production
  • Digital Headshot

    Class Details

      • Maximum Students – 8 / 10 Per Class
      • Instructor – Kris Van Nest
      • Presented by – THISLEARNING®
      • Prerequisite – Interest in filmmaking, videography, learning on camera and behind the scenes (prior filmmaking experience not required).


      Class schedule subject to change based on enrollment and enrollment minimums.