Fundough is fun learning

Fun dough


Fundough is empowering stuff-- we found this fun and easy recipe via Creative Playhouse in the U.K. and it works great. Your kids can easily make it themselves since it doesn't require baking or salt, and clean-up is relatively easy because one of the ingredients is dish soap.

Here's how we did it:

  1. 1C (one cup) regular flour (any brand should do)
  2. 1/4C (quarter cup) regular dishsoap (any brand should do)
  3. Combine in mixing bowl or similar container

Feel free to experiment with the flour and soap amounts, and very them for different stiffness or pliability/flexibility. It's a very forgiving recipe so you don't need to worry about exact amounts. BTW, we used concentrated dish detergent, you may want to adjust your mix if you use a different brand or concentration.


Be sure to refrigerate after you're done playing so it doesn't dry out, and similarly clean your new Fundough off everything (kids' cars, table top) when you're done because it tends to dry hard. If you find some sticking around later, you can soak the item in water and it will easily wash off once soft again.


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