George Soul Connects Technology to Make Learning Awesome

George Soul

George Soul Believes Technology Can Connect Everything We Are and Everything We Know For Common Good

What do you do?

I find answers and solutions, but my title would be Director of Technology Integration. I research and track down solutions (hardware, software, ideas) that improve the quality and productivity of work in my field. Then I implement and manage those solutions until they become part of the workflow. Examples are using 3D printing, augmented & virtual reality in the architectural design process. By simplifying these technologies we improve the design workflow which makes meetings more efficient which in turn saves money. Finding solutions takes a great deal of research and pooling of information.

With TEDx an opportunity came to use this information to help educate and entertain people. Now I curate an Engagement Area which brings together seemingly different technology or technology companies under one theme to share with the average person.

Who do you do it for?

I do it for everyone, from adults to kids who are interested in learning how innovative technology can be more easily understood to connect people for good. I want adults to be mesmerized by the creativity of these technologists. I want leaders to see the potential in these inventions and develop use cases for the betterment of the people they lead.

I want our youth to be blown away by these ideas

Secondly I want what I curate to inspire. I want our youth to be blown away by these ideas. My hope is that they understand that if you need an answer to a question sometimes in life you might need to make a solution. Help them become creators. In a sense it is much like art. It should inspire people to do more.

Why do you do it?

Two reasons:

  1. For work – People/businesses need help understanding technology. I am very good at demystifying how technology works making it less intimidating.

  2. For TEDx – Bring the innovative ideas that I research in front of people. I hope it will intrigue and inspire people making them think outside of their mental boxes.
How did you start?

My original inspiration came from Sci-Fi and Anime. These marry technology and art wonderfully and have been the inspiration to many of the tech we use now. Currently I specialize in technology and security but my foundation is in Industrial Design. Industrial Designers have to think aesthetically, understand engineering and bring them together.

What makes it unique?

I was told early in my career my “uniqueness” came in how I helped people understand technology. I never thought of it as ‘unique’ but my method has always helped me manage technology at the firms I represent easily. I simplify tech by empowering people vs. making them feel inept when tech fails. Basically I help people help themselves. Eventually an opportunity came and I put together workshops that allowed me to share what I know with a larger group of people outside of my office. This is where I decided that this information I research for businesses should be available to everyone. Fortunately being a part of TEDx Jersey City gave me an opportunity to beta test my idea.

What do you love about it?

I love the challenge. I enjoy the work I put in and more so when I find a solution.

How do you / does it make learning awesome?

by inspiring kids to find innovative paths

I make learning awesome by inspiring kids to find innovative paths with innovative technology. Just like most kids I can get bored quickly. Tech and design constantly challenges me, keeping me on my toes. I believe we can inspire kids by challenging and inspiring them to find answers. We all have the tools necessary to understand the unknown. We simply need to learn how to use those tools.

I grew up in a very rough neighborhood. I was lucky, fortunate to find this path which got me out of that dangerous neighborhood. I always thought “if I found this path anyone can”. As I matured I learned this is not true. My mission is not only to share innovative technology but to inspire. There is a kid out there who will one day find the answer to one of our many problems. We need to give all of these kids a chance by exposing them to all of the innovation our world is developing. Hopefully my work with TEDx Jersey City as well as collaborative efforts with Liberty Science Center can make this happen. It may take a village but we forget that a village is a collective of people. We all have a part and I’m doing what little I can.

George Soul
Director of Technology Integration / TEDxJerseyCity
Jersey City, NJ
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