Kaleidoscope Camera Workshop at JC Fab Lab


Kids, cameras, action!

Jersey City, NJ

We checked out the DIY, Maker-inspired Kaleidoscope Camera Workshop at JCFabLab.

An amazingly creative way for kids to learn, instructor Chris Murphy guided Alex and Ludwig in combining science, art ,and technology to create their own working kaleidoscope cameras. Plus, we did an impromptu #TelevisionSchool class and the kids were super with-and-on camera!

Meanwhile, here's the description from JCFabLab:

JC FAB KIDS latest woodworking craft workshop (ages 8-12… younger and older kids can join as well). NOTE: this is a 3hr workshop that involves woodworking, art/craft, and the science of optics! Participants will create a durable wooden camera toy with a different kind of ‘lens’ — a kaleidoscope. Get away from all things digital for this afternoon project. Your kids will learn basic woodworking skills including sawing, finishing, and hammering / nailing.

PLUS, we’ll explore the basics of kaleidoscopes. Your kids will take home wonderful insights into a world of optics with endless possibilities. And we’ve designed this project so kids can take it home, create more kaleidoscopes, and swap them in and out. Plus participants can decorate their project and make it their own. Please be prepared to get messy: dress appropriately. Please note: No Drop-offs for this class without prior arrangements w/JC Fab Lab… since this is a woodshop class, we encourage parents/guardians to be here to work with their kids on some aspects of this project. They’ll work independently for nearly all of this workshop.

Recommended age range: 8-12 years*

This class will be run by JC Fab Lab’s lead kids instructor, Christopher Murphy. Chris is a multitalented maker in his own right, and has many years of experience designing and leading woodshop classes for kids 4 to 14 years old. We’re really pleased to have Chris bring his expertise to JC Fab Lab. We collaborated to create this brand new woodshop project class for kids, and we couldn’t be more excited to roll it out here.