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Laila's Video #1



"Roger, we've got a professional here, on TV. I'm Laila. Learning means to me having fun while you're learning, and like education but having fun. I like that you can have fun while you're doing it and you don't always have to be bored, you can study something interesting while you're learning. I learn best when I'm doing something fun, like if I am having fun and I'm doing something really really fun that I like... like I like reading... if I get to have reading breaks while I'm doing it, that's a good way for me to learn because I really like reading, it's fun. I would make learning awesome by doing something that you think is really fun while you're doing it, like to make learning awesome you can just do something that you really like to do while you're learning. Be yourself, because other people are going to judge you if you just pretend to be someone you're not, so just be yourself, and if someone judges you for that... for you who are.. then just don't be friends with them. Because you are who you are and nothing is going to change it, so just be yourself. Wrap it up! I am Laila." – Laila / BGC-TV