Mindful Play Yoga

Monthly Family Yoga

Monthly family yoga happens on Sunday’s 4pm - 5pm at Funlot an indoor playground in Bayonne, New Jersey. Funlot is an amazing play center where imagination comes to play. They offer kids open play, scheduled classes for example Mindful Play Yoga - family yoga and birthday parties.

Introducing families to family yoga and sharing tools with them on how to connect brings me joy. Learning to connect with our loved ones through yoga poses, yoga partner poses give us more tools to express ourselves in a healthy way. We all benefit when we unplug and connect with our children. As a parent, I know from experience it can be challenging at times to stop, breathe and be present in this moment. When we are able to practice being in this moment if it’s good, bad or unpleasant we discover the magic of connection. Listening and being present is a daily practice and yoga supports us in our parenting journey.

Family yoga classes introduce families to yoga giving them tools for more family connection. Classes are fun, playful and we have a relaxation at the end of class with music, a singing bell and aromatherapy.  Relaxation is an art and it helps to restore our body and mind to make us more present. In a Mindful Play Yoga family class families are introduced to yoga asana, yoga partner poses, breathing techniques, yoga games and relaxation.

Learning along with families keeps me creative and in the moment. Parenting is the most challenging job I believe most of us will ever have and it requires many skills. Teaching family yoga and being where a family is at keeps learning awesome. As I continue to teach family yoga it brings me joy knowing I have shared some tools with parents and kids on how to ride to wave of this moment.

One of my favorite breathing exercises is Take 5.

TAKE 5 BREATHS  (keep the breath slow and even)

  • Extend your right hand out like crossing guard signaling stop.
  • Left hand use your pointer finger to trace your right hand
  • Breathe in through the nose INHALE and EXHALE out of the mouth
  • Inhale trace the bottom to the top of the thumb
  • Exhale trace the top/bottom of thumb
  • Inhale trace the pointer finger bottom to top
  • Exhale trace pointer top to bottom
  • Inhale trace the middle finger bottom to top
  • Exhale trace the middle finger top to bottom
  • Inhale trace the ring finger bottom to top
  • Exhale trace the ring finger top to bottom
  • Inhale trace the pinky finger bottom to the top
  • Exhale trace the pinky finger top to bottom

Shake out your hand and repeat on the LEFT hand side.You may want to try this side with your eyes close as it brings your senses inward and helps quiet the mind. Try it as an experiment.

For family yoga dates follow Mindful Play Yoga: https://www.facebook.com/mindfulplayyoga/


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