No Southside Marina at Liberty State Park

Over 100 community members and leaders came together in solidarity to show their opposition to the proposed creation of the massive "Millionaires' Marina" plan on the south side of Liberty State Park.

Led by Sam Pesin and Friends Of Liberty State Park (FOLSP), their goal was to protect LSP's true purpose as an accessible and priceless waterfront park for ALL people of all ages to enjoy.

"We're fighting for our and future generations' right to enjoy this sacred haven behind Lady Liberty. Advocating together now is urgent and critical in saving LSP!" – FOLSP

The south side area is frequently used and enjoyed by schools, families, and community members as a place to relax, enjoy, and learn about nature. School field trips often make use of the location as one of the only water front natural areas that is easily accessible by bus, and it provides the entire community with unparalleled views of the Hudson Waterway and access to the unique inlet and recreational area.

To take action, you can tell DEP Commissioner Martin that you oppose the LSP southside marina and that public hearings should start after January 1, 2018 and be on a Saturday. Reach him at 609-292-2885 & 

Hosted by FOLSP at 200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305.