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On-line Learning Course Development

On-line Learning Course Development


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On-line learning may be one of the greatest advances in education today. It can reduce costs to both you and your students, increase your reach and course availability to a much greater audience, and provide leveraged scalability and assessment metrics well beyond traditional classes limited by a specific time and place.

We will work with you to determine the best platform that meets your project needs as there are many on-line learning platforms to choose from, including Open ed, Teachable, Thinkific, Learnworlds, Kajabi, and more!

Example – The Open edX platform is an open source course management system (CMS) that was originally developed by edX. The Open edX platform is used all over the world to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training modules. EdX is a nonprofit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and composed of dozens of leading global institutions, the xConsortium. – Open edX

Our services include platform and host selection, project management, code development, course integration, build-out, and implementation.

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Third-party hosting services and fees may be required for full course implementation and not included in our rates.

Terms and Conditions: To secure your date(s) and prevent double-booking, payment is due in advance. We will make every effort to accommodate rain dates, but unfortunately, no changes in dates/times are permitted within 48 hours prior of shoot w/out prior written authorization. Travel w/in 15 minutes of Jersey City, NJ, included; additional travel extra. Edit reviews and final video provided in digital, on-line format. Physical delivery of files collectively over 50GB may be extra and may incur additional shipping, handling, and taxes for entire production. Royalty free music refers to medium-sized audiences and streaming web delivery. Unless agreed to in advance in writing, overages will be automatically charged at our standard rates (ex: standard per-hour for recording or rentals, standard per-minute for edits). Separately from overages, we reserve the right to notify you in advance of increases or decreases in prices in line with taxes or any other dues or fees levied on your shoot, and to respectfully decline projects or content that do not align with our mission or are not family friendly.
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