ROFLCOPTER Makes Learning Fun!

Carolyn Hoberman - ROFLCOPTER

Carolyn Hoberman, Toy Fanatic & Owner of ROFLCOPTER Toys & Gifts, Brings Fun to Learning

What do you do?

I am Carolyn Hoberman, toy fanatic and owner of Roflcopter Toys & Gifts, a new Specialty Toy shop in Historic Downtown Jersey City. I’m also President of Hoberman Designs, Inc., Licensor of Hoberman brand toys. ROFLCOPTER is a new store with a selection of the best toys old and new. Its place to find fun gifts, educational toys, green toys, and "Old School" toys for all ages.


Who do you do it for?

ROFLCOPTER is for anyone with a love of playful learning or who has someone in their lives who would appreciate receiving fun! Our visitors are positive, diverse and creative individuals and families looking to forward learning through play. Parents come with their babies who are little treasures in their lives and the future for the world.


Why do you do it?

bringing playful learning into people's lives

Bringing playful learning into people's lives has been a passion of mine. To help a customer to find just the right age appropriate toy is a pleasure for me and my staff. Many of the manufacturers of the toys and gifts I sell are industry friends I've known for years. I look forward to sharing the selection of toys from these manufacturers (and my own!) at ROFLCOPTER.


How did you start?

In the 1980's, I worked as an graphic artist in lower Manhattan. My college friend, Rhonda worked as a toy store buyer and got me a pass to New York Toy Fair each year. I loved seeing the products and how the companies developed their ideas and built their lines. I kept thinking: HOW can I get into this industry? Little did I know that my then husband, artist Chuck Hoberman was going to invent sculptures that would make great toys. Chuck made his first Hoberman Sphere® sculpture installation for the opening of Liberty Science Center in 1991. When I saw the reactions of the children, I thought how cool it would be to make a toy Hoberman Sphere. That idea led to our 15 year adventure in toy manufacturing. Our company downsized in 2004 and I have managed our toy licenses ever since. Hoberman toys have won many awards and continue to benefit all sorts of people. The Hoberman Sphere is now considered a great “old school” classic toy.

rolling on floor laughing, can’t operate properly till eyes refocus

When I moved to Jersey City in 2013 with my teenage daughter, Dorothy, I saw lots and lots of children but no Specialty Toy Store. After three years, I found the right space at 298 Newark Ave in "The Village" area of Historic Downtown JC. It’s is a great, family-oriented neighborhood-walkable from Grove PATH and with street metered parking.

The name “ROFLCOPTER” is a texting term like LOL. I learned this from Dorothy. It means: "Rolling On Floor Laughing, Can’t Operate Properly Till Eyes Refocus". LOL! I love meeting the people who visit ROFLCOPTER. Who doesn't like a toy store?


What makes it unique?

ROFLCOPTER has a rich selection of toys and gifts that big box retailers dont carry. There are demos that the customer can see and feel – you can’t do that on Amazon! We try to match toys to the customer and help with selection. There are a number of wooden and green toys. We strive for an excellent customer experience and offer free gift wrapping.


What do you love about it?

I love being part of of the Jersey City community and look forward to traveling the world next year to broaden my selection of cool stuff for ROFLCOPTER.


How do you / does it make learning awesome?


We make learning awesome by making it fun! Play is the way children learn. We take that to heart and embrace fun and whimsy in everything we do – from our personally curated toy selection, to the winding paths throughout our store, and even in our ridiculously fun-to-say name. Learning and life is a fun journey of exploration we all can enjoy. We're so happy to provide age appropriate toys, games and puzzles for childhood development.


Anything else you'd like to share?

Hoberman toys have won many awards and continue to benefit all sorts of people. The Hoberman Sphere is now considered a great classic toy and is part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

Carolyn Hoberman
Owner / ROFLCOPTER Toys & Gifts
298 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302
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